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Dairy Data

Welcome to Dehm Associates, LLC.
We are an industry leader in the field of farm business analysis and reporting, with special emphasis on dairy.

What are your biggest challenges?

Is cash flow a problem
on your farm?
Is everyone in your team working toward
the same goal?
Is your farm as profitable
as it needs to be?
Is your financial institution providing you with the
capital you need?

To reduce your total cost of production by $.10 per hundredweight, how much annual cost savings would you have to have?

Lbs milk shipped/day:    

Reduce total expense by $ to reduce total cost by $.10/Cwt/Year

How much might your net income change if you increased milk production by 1 lb/cow/day?

Average number of cows milked/day: 

Milk Price:  $

Net income might change by  $ per year by changing milk production by 1 lb/cow/day.


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