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"... I get more than my money's worth. Working with lenders and refinancing was worth the money all by itself." - Stuart Z.
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Is your financial institution providing you with the capital you need?

We have the experience,
talent, tools and contacts to help any size farm ...

The challenge:
Agriculture is a capital-intensive business. Access to capital that is both adequate and timely is paramount to the profitability and cash flow requirements of operating a farm business. Size of the business is crucial to keeping overhead costs low. Debt capital is often the best means for financing expansions that can mean the difference between profitability and extinction.

Why the problem exists:
In a world of fewer farms, finding lenders and loan officers that understand your business can be a constant challenge. Lenders are changing too. There are fewer of them and they are providing less analysis than they used to. Deals that used to be done on a handshake now require pro-forma balance sheets and cash flow projections with a serious amount of detail. As farming itself has become more complex, so have the information needs of those supplying credit. When lenders do not understand or know what is happening in your business, nothing good is bound to happen.

How Dehm Associates, LLC can help:
We speak the language of bankers at Dehm Associates, LLC. Financial statements, ratios, points, cash flow coverage, and the like are what lenders need to communicate your farm's needs to their loan committees and their bank regulators. Products like Year-Over-Year Reports, Annual Statements, Touchstone Benchmarks, and your involvement in Advisory Teams, help you communicate your financing needs with your lender. Improving lender relations is one of the most admired benefits of the Dairy Dashboard™. Making sure you have a business plan in place gives you and your lender peace of mind. It shows that you have confidence in your ability to compete.

Providing credit for agricultural operations takes a trained and knowledgeable loan officer. Likewise, communicating with that loan officer so that he or she can provide your farm business with the right amount of debt capital and optimal repayment structure is a specialized talent. Dehm Associates, LLC has the experience, talent, tools and contacts to help any size farm find the right lender and the best terms.





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