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How the Dairy Dashboard™ Creates Value

Cost of Production:
Knowing your cost of production is critical for making decisions about your dairy business. Monthly Dairy Dashboard™ reports provide up-to-date and accurate costs on a per hundredweight and per cow basis.

Budgets do not predict what will happen, but rather, help you decide what to do tomorrow, this week, and next month based on what you see and know today. Projecting costs based on current and year-to-date conditions helps to develop plans and solve problems.

Certain ratios provide insight into how the farm business is performing. You can use this information to justify new strategies for making your dairy business more profitable.

Goal Performance:
Allowing producers to see the big picture is what makes the Dairy Dashboard™ a valuable tool. Goal Performance helps busy managers predict their bottom line quicker and more easily. By keeping surprises to a minimum, problem solving is easier. Consistent reporting encourages effective communication and cooperation between owners, middle managers, lenders and others.

Production Factors:
Almost all financial and production information is a result of how you farm. Improvement in financial performance depends on your capability to adapt to an ever-changing situation. The Dairy Dashboard™ shows you how changes in production factors dramatically affect profitability and cash flow.

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