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"We love Dehm Associates' monitoring reports, especially actual to budget and the benchmark reports. We have spoken praises to our banks and others. We would definitely recommend them to other farmers..." - Deb B. 600 Cows
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The Dairy Dashboard™ Family of Reports

Actual-To-Budget Report

The Actual-To-Budget report contains several components that measure financial and production performance relative to your plan. It provides guidance to determine why the business does not meet specific goals, and indicates trends and trouble spots. Uniting important business drivers, like cash flow, cost of production, profitability, price, and production trends, onto one concise page is essential for seeing the big picture

Goal Performance Report

The Goal Performance report is a predictive tool that shows how future financial statement will look if current performance trends continue. Whether the news is good or bad, being aware of how your financials will look in the near future and communicating this to others, will help reduce stress and provide a focal point for you to take action.

The Dashboard Summary

Information does not contain value unless and until it is understood and acted upon. Our Actual-To-Budget Dairy Dashboard™ reports include a written, personalized narrative called The Dashboard Summary. We consolidate, summarize and communicate important trends or circumstances in your business in just a few sentences - providing you a head start on understanding your dairy business. The Dashboard Summary helps you interpret the myriad detail contained in the Dairy Dashboard™ reports. If you cannot understand how your farm business is performing in less time than it takes to eat your lunch, we have not done our job.

Year vs Year Reports

Similar to the Actual-To-Budget report, the Year vs Year report measures financial and production performance relative to past years. This report shows how new external factors have affected the business and more importantly, indicates the impact of your management changes.

Touchstone Benchmark Reports

Benchmark reports show how your dairy compares to other similar farms in both the financial and production realms. The Touchstone Benchmark report shows trends in an easy to read format, allowing you to identify problems and make adjustments early on. Clients of the Dairy Dashboard™ have used our benchmarks with suppliers to help save thousands of dollars a month to bring costs back in line.

Quantum Benchmark - Livestock

Innovative benchmark reports like those found in the Dairy Dashboard™ Quantum Benchmark - Livestock itemize and compare dairy production costs in minute detail. We put relevant, timely, and accurate information into a concise decision making format so you can reduce costs and increase profits.

Milk CheckRx Benchmark

Have you ever had difficulty understanding exactly how your milk check is calculated? Those days are over once you have our Milk Check Rx Benchmark in your hands! This is the report your milk handler does not want you to see. The Milk CheckRx report eliminates confusion from PPD's, incentives, handler and hauling costs, location differentials, component pricing and other hiding spots where money can be slivered off your precious milk check. We dissect your milk check and compare it to others. This will give you a strong understanding of the most important document you receive each month of the year.

Annual Reports and Trend Analysis

We provide our clients and their lenders with year-end financial statements that are easy to read and just plain make sense. Our reports closely follow the recommendations of the Farm Financial Standards Council for reporting financial status and operating results for your year-end analysis.

Attention to detail is what sets the Dairy Dashboard™ Annual Statements and Trend Analysis apart from financial statements prepared by accountants, tax preparers and bankers. The average Annual Report is more than 20 pages long and includes four financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flow and Statement of Change in Net Worth). We also include over 35 financial ratios to explore profitability, leverage and operating efficiency, and nearly 50 descriptive and efficiency ratios specifically designed for dairy producers. We include five years of dairy financial trends and help you chart your farm's progress.

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