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Dairy Advisory Teams

The Dairy Advisory Team (DAT) is a working group of key employees and professionals identified by the dairy producer. The DAT meets on a regular basis for the purpose of sharing information and problem solving as related to the goals of the dairy farm's owners and managers.

Advantages of a team approach to problem solving include:

  1. Motivation - Working in teams motivates individuals to complete goals, objectives and assignments.
  2. Synergy - Due to information and knowledge sharing, working together on defined goals will produce results greater than can be achieved by working individually. (And, the right hand knows what the left hand is doing).
  3. Risk Sharing - Collaboration and consensus provide an environment for better decision making on the part of owners, managers and professionals.

Team Meeting Process

  1. Meetings will begin and end as close to scheduled times as possible. Meetings should last from 60 - 90 minutes.
  2. After introductions, the notes from the previous meeting will be read.
  3. Report on progress since the last meeting on goals and assignments.
  4. Roundtable discussion on the various areas of the farm which can be addressed
    by management and professionals.
  5. Develop new goals and assignments.
  6. Schedule the next meeting.
  7. A written record of discussions, goals and assignments will be maintained and distributed to team members.





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