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"Dehm Associates is very efficient and they keep on us to stay on target! Communication with workers is a great help ... I would definitely recommend Bruce's services to others." - Frank S. 600 Cows
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Is everyone in your team working toward the same goal?

The challenge:

Many businesses, including dairy farms, have difficulty communication information about the business to those who need to know. On dairy farms, these include key employees, partners, spouses, lenders, and consultants such as nutritionists, veterinarians and agronomists. When these key individuals do not have a full understanding of the financial and production situation in the business, they unwittingly work against each other causing frustration, inefficiency and eventually lack of profit.

Why the problem exists:

Most farms have grown to the size they are today from a smaller family operation. The amount of physical labor and management time has increased as farms become larger and larger. Often, information systems are the lagging component to be updated and modernized to meet the needs of the business. "Need to do chores always take precedence over those than can be done later. Although analyzing financial performance is not as critical as say timely harvest of crops or the dairy feeding of livestock, ignoring this critical job for long periods of time can just as easily cause the undoing of the operation.

How Dehm Associates, LLC can help:

On dairy farms, the Dairy Dashboard™ Family of Reports are developed without the need for more time or effort on the part of the farm's bookkeeper. If the bookkeeping is inadequate, we work to help develop and support a system that will be right for you. We gather the critical information needed to report on the business on our own, with little input from others. Reports such as the Actual-To-Budget, Goal Performance, and The Nutshell Summary are completed on a regular basis. We make sure the easy-to-read reports get into the right hands at the right time so that everyone who needs to know, does know.





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