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"We had a barn fire a few years ago and Bruce came to the rescue, helping with our lender." - Mina C.
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Schreiberdale Holsteins, Perry, New York 700 Cows
"Dehm Associates is very efficient and they keep on us to stay on target! Communication with workers is a great help. (They) even helped us get on a special grant that we eventually took advantage of to finance after a barn fire. His personal delivery and professionalism are very important to me. I would definitely recommend Bruce's services to others." Frank Schreiber.

Damin Farms Prattsburg, New York 1,100 Cows
"Dehm Associates has made my book-keeping job easier and more enjoyable. We love the balance sheet report and budgeting is so simple. We had a barn fire a few years ago and Bruce came to the rescue, helping with our lender. Dehm Associates is very professional about everything. John has been a great help, for sure; he is a persistent reminder where our numbers are concerned. Bruce referred us to another advisor once that helped us with our corporate structure and saved us a lot of time, money, and headache. Bruce seems to know how to match personalities very well. The service pays for itself. It adds a thick layer of protection on our business. I can't imagine doing this without them. Its like insurance in terms of the peace of mind we have received. Mina Covert

Tiashoke Farm, LLC Schaghticoke, New York 1,000 Cows
"We like the whole monitoring process. I use the analysis capability (the what ifs?) to set goals. The benchmark reports are very beneficial in keeping us from slipping off track. Dehm Associates' fees are not unreasonable; in fact, I get more than my money's worth. Working with lenders and refinancing was worth the money all by itself. They are honest and sincere; easy to work with. The most beneficial service for me is the budgeting. It allows me to be real when setting goals. Future planning is something I thoroughly enjoy. The software analysis tools are great for me." Stuart Ziehm





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