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Annual Statements and Trend Analysis
We provide our clients and their lenders with year-end financial statements that are easy to read and, just plain make sense. Our reports closely follow the recommendations of the Farm Financial Standards Council for reporting financial status and operating results for your year-end analysis.

Attention to detail is what sets the Dairy
™ apart ...

Attention to detail is what sets the Dairy Dashboard™ Annual Statements and Trend Analysis apart from financial statements prepared by accountants, tax preparers and bankers. The average Annual Report is more than 20 pages long and includes four financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flow and Statement of Change in Net Worth). We also include over 35 financial ratios to explore profitability, leverage and operating efficiency, and nearly 50 descriptive and efficiency ratios specifically designed for dairy producers. We include five years of dairy financial trends and help you chart your farm's progress.





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